Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Unleash the beast :- Harley Davidson

Yesterday i heard that Harley Davidson has not dropped the idea of entering the Indian market ,only thing that's making them reluctant to enter the indian market is the import taxes of 60 % and then the extra 30 % of indian tax ,making the cost shoot up to nearly the double ,at whose-price you can buy two scoda and one swift.

I personally believe that we shouldn't be having this much high import duties on goods that are very sophisticated( if i could call them so ) because they just make them out of reach to the common man(or those who aim for the best). And for your kind information iam looking forward to ride one Harley Davidson only diff is that it will be a test ride ,since iam pretty sure i wont be able to afford it .

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Moments of contemplation

Hmm , there had been moments when i alomost decided that i will shutdown my blog .Reason being preventing a Blog namespace dearth .well then i came over that vague idea and decided that i will keep on posting something or the other because this is the way for me to voice against the attrocities happening in the world and let my ideas flow to the outer world .so iam gonna say that age old mantra and i want you to repeat after me "Long Live Blogging".