Friday, December 26, 2008

What is Society ????

I have been trying to understand .... what is a society ,what are the norms and what classifies you to be social and one of the society.

i couldnt get an answer but what i could lay hands on was a concept which i believe makes one part of the society and its PROBABILITY. The ability to be probable ,in a more decisive form the chances that you make choices which are more probable to happen wereby you move away from taking risks in your life.And when each person does this they follow a path which they feel will lead to less problem,less turmoils and we all go in a line like soldiers ,like disciplined to follow without asking questions .Thats why we see less change in our life ,its same as the person who is living next door and those who dont realize it are just trying to show that they are working hard and as the saying goes " Action is the enemy of thought and the friend of flattering illusions."

So wake up and realize what your life is ,try to take chances ,try to be different and not for the sake of being different and please for gods sake dont try to get yourself immersed in the superfluous activities which will take your thinking power on a ride .

Its always great to think and see where you stand in life so that you can know how you can move ahead from there.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Employee to Employer

My transition from an Employee to an employer had been fast amidst my personal turmoils , i wouldnt like to delve into those since this is purely a techno blog. my new job has taken me to new places, new work and i kinda enjoy .Iam sure my knowledge in my new field will be of interest to people who are willing to learn more things.

My new job is as the owner of an ElectroMechanical company which engages in Building systems and High Volatge Related services.More intresting parts of my job will be posted soon as and when i get time.