Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Leaving on a Jet plane

These are the lines taken from John Denver dont think iam leaving on a jet plane :).
Iam going home will be back by monday.Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mysterious "sys" Files

I had Checked the options in the folder option dialog from the tools menu .
1.Show hidden Folders and files
2.Show hidden system files .

And in the drive were the OS is installed i saw two main files:-

Now wat are these files they look pretty big in size.I ventured out to explore and here are my findings
1. hiberfil.sys
Wen you enable hibernation in your system ,the system compresses the system info into this file so that at startup it can load up (for persistence).
2. pagefile.sys.
This is used by the system for VM and swaping .you can set the size of this file .

More info on this will be put shortly .

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Services Information

All the information related to services that are run when the sytem boots and other information like which shouldnot run ,etc .. are stored in the registry .Next thing that comes into mind is were is it stored ,it's in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services all the keys under it have the DWORD value "start" which will be different which determines wether it needs to be run at start,suspended etc .

All the changes which we do to the services through services.msc or msconfig ( type in Run Window) changes this start flag .

Now since you are equipped with these information explore for yourself .

Registry repository

All these years i used to think were the information shown in the registry was stored :-

1. is it in a dll ( Many application store the data in dll's)
2. is it in a file .

Well at last i tumbled over the files which contains those information and these are :-
1. System.dat
2. User.dat

Yes ,registry is a collection of the data present in these two files .

Vista RTM done

Atlast the long awaited vista release is done .vista has been released to the market for manufacturing of CD .
You can read more here :-

Monday, November 06, 2006


SUSIE Q by CCR(Credence ClearWater revival) is my latest favourite song .

My first product out

I was working on NSW -07 product for the past three months and iam pleased to anounce that my(teams) hard work has been paid of ,the beta of the Basic ,standard(With NAV) and premier (with NAV and NSR )are out Please download and let me know about your experience .Soon you can see these on your favourite shops by december .
NAV - NortonAntiVirus
NSW - Norton SystemWorks
NSR - Norton Save And Restore .