Friday, December 17, 2010

Untouched Paradise

Waited for almost two hours in front of the paying counter like a lampooned goal post thinking ever vividly of the days of globalization and this untouched paradise of KSEB[Kerala State Electricity Board].Almost all over the world one gets to pay the bill through credit card ,over the counter through different bank branches , kiosks and here i could see people waiting in the sun to pay their bill with one clerk working out in Machinist fashion [Christian bale - 2004 ]. When will all this change and yeah and as a side note Kerala Gov is a great supporter of Fedora Linux that means all State Gov offices will have linux ,for the record ,the software under UID [under Nandan Nilekani ]is having problem since they dont have the drivers for the Bio-Informatics to work on linux :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Morbid Filth

Well ,well, well were do i start now from the Ganges to wash off my sin or should they stay with me reminding me of what iam ,or the least to say remind me the filth iam.

Life as i have always maintained is one filled with travesty and connundrums, more one try’s to solve more intriguing it gets.

The one that strictly adheres to the laws of gravitation what that goes up comes down . so be grateful wherever you are because you never know were you will be the next moment .

The truth of life is known to many but accepted by few because for the bitterness it brings to their mundane craving lifestyle .Only way to convince our super IQ charged-up brain is through reading thought provoking books of Vedas,Upanashids, discourses of great people ( Vivekananda,Ramakrishna to name a few from our world).