Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MACT - How i reached there

Welcome to my past and would like to make it more adventurous by asking you to fasten on the seat belts ,:lol dont worry iam little cranked out not .

I did my graduation in CSE from NIT bhopal erstwhile REC in India during 2005, that means i took my admit during 2001.I was part of other 7 people from our state and lakshadweep who took admit to this college popularly known then as MACT then .My father and maternal uncle did a little bit of ground work and came up with the finding that this was a good college .Its worth mentioning that my father had coaxed me into joining the CET - Trivandrum which is also one among the prestigious colleges in Kerala but having my brother passed out from REC - Calicut, i was very particular of having this brand tag and my interest were fueled by stories about RECs grandeur from my maternal uncle and mother who both had accompanied me to my joining in bhopal.Even though my dream was to be part of MNREC- Allahabad[i used to solve sample papers and it had the MNREC tag to it ,so i though it was something great{What a stupid reason na}] but my father out rightly rejected it by saying to reach Allahbad is tougher than Bhopal[You have to get down at itarsi and change direction ,bhopal used to fall in the Delhi route so plenty of daily trains were available from Kerala ,TN]

I was never nervous about going such a long way to study because i had been to many places in india due to the circuitous job of my father who used to work in CCI .My hindi was good which many of my future friends from MACT would agree with, the untainted slang i possessed.

Having once reached MACT [ i prefer saying MACT because somehow that's whats in my mind than MANIT]i realized that the hostel was divided into 15 different groups .[Even though the number of states were more than 25 ,NE was more or less grouped as one]We had to go through a customary parade of being in formals[white shirt and black pants ] with a black tie and it was part of the infamous GR[General Ragging]which was considered as the stepping stone to MACT .

To be Continued ... [Feeling sleepy .......Zzzzzzzzzzz's]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fav Songs

Nazareth - Love hurts
Pearl Jam- Black
Fools Garden - Lemon Tree
The Wallflowers - One headlight

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday

Well ,today i remember someones Bday in nearly 7 years but not in a situation to wish in person .So lets wish it here hoping it to reach them . Happy Birthday and may you find all the happiness in your life . My wish to God :- Bring some sanity to this life .

REM- Everybody Hurts

Monday, April 18, 2011

Entrepreneurship a mis-learned term

I would like to draw some attention to this poorly termed noun called Entrepreneurship.Lot of people think that being an Entrepreneur is all about starting a company.They forget to look at the work that goes behind the making .Lot of people on the mention of this loose term suggest to take some Entrepreneurship course.Esp the professors in the leading [Ok next to the leading] Management Colleges ought to know what it means.An Entrepreneur is supposed to have an Idea of which he is extremely passionate.He knows how to execute it and then works hard to make it work.Unless you promote Entrepreneurship in students ,India as a nation would seek to remain eluded from some of the greatest developments .Probably the way out of the Unemployment quotient of India is not the MNREGA but the unleashing of the potential of Entrepreneurship.Let the brains generate revenue and fuel our economy but for that we need some serious commitment from the government and the leading PE and yes not to mention the class of professors who chide at this term.Iam not requesting them to help but they shouldn't demean them too.

Guilt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is this world leading too. No one has integrity ,honesty ,faith is this what people say the reign of satan .No one wants to play by the above rules.No one wants to carve an identity which is buttressed by truth.No one has consciousness .Every one feels they can do what they feel like as no one knows.Iam forced to think isn't that one being ourself enough to feel guilty.Isn't our concious strong enough to decide right and wrong.None-the-less i know one thing karma .It is strong enough and powerful enough to make us pay for our sin .