Sunday, July 12, 2009

Managing !!!!!!

Winning people at the grass root level is the success of any business.Making them feel that they are part of the business ,they are the partners in it is the key . Making a flat hierarchy ,making them believe that they are not working for a generic entity but for a person who understands their cause .People dont want salary rise always they want acknoledgment of their hard work,make them believe that if the organization suceeds they will be the first to benifit .Hmm these are my small thoughts in a small duration :) . And yes one more thing "No one can take away ,what is yours " .

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hardworking is the balm

Hmmm .i found the medicine for pain ,dejection,heartache .Work hard till your body looses the feeling of pain ,change all your sleepless nights in making your ambition become reality ,all your hatred to fuel the desire to win and suceed.


Had been busy for quite a long time ,and my comeback starts with a philosophical concept which i found out :) .everyone says fate is fixed and god has prewritten it and we are all the puppets of his grand show ,i dont agree with it ,after a long time of thinking i have come to the belief that eventhough fate is fixed god has given us the liberty to choose the path to reach that destiny .isn't that wonderfull and if you remember this thing in your life you wouldnt be afraid of taking life as it comes and living the life your way.

Friday, January 02, 2009

My Favs Songs

The following are the songs that i really dug out of my laptop after a long year ,i feel good after hearing it .

1. Born in USA - Bruce Springsteen
2.Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams.
3. Hotel California - Eagles.
4. Loosing My religion( REM - Rapid Eye Movement)
5. Voodoo Child - Jimi hendrix.
6 .Ibelieve in a thing - the darkness
7. No Woman No Cry -Bob Marley
8. My Kantele- Amorphis
9. Reckoning day- Megadeth

i guess the lists go on ,man i feel my energy back when i hear to music they are my love i feel so in tandem with them that i feel that adrenaline rush in me which lasts for hours .

Movies covered

These are the random list of movies that i covered recently more detail will be added as and when i get time(basically when i will stop idling) .

1. Interview With the vampire.
2. Risky Business.
3. There will be blood.
4. Human Stain.
5. No country for old men.
6.Taxi Driver
And the movies that will follow the list in future will be
1. Gandhi.
2. 21 Grams
3. Crash
4. Amadeus.

Reviews will be added shortly .

Another year Gone By

Hmm ,listening to Creed's My Sacrifice ,i guess its the perfect plot for me to say goodbye to Year -2008. This was an year that changed my life in many sense from personal ,professional and on all goddamn thing you can possible think off. It had been kind of bitter to me an year which made me feel like a "Parapaleto" i guess i have spelled it right its a greek word ,condition of a hero when he realizes all he had known was wrong and he takes a moment to transcend the path to realize his mistakes .

I have lost hope in life and trying hard to regain it by reading some books :) .iam trying to occupie my mind by engaging myself in everything i can do like Playing Guitar,Crosswords,Movies,Blogging and anything i can get my hand on .This also reminds me of a quote " Action is the enemy of thought and friend of flattering illusions" maybe thats what iam actually trying to achieve to forget somethings like some bloddy reminiscence ,that again reminds me of another quote which i cherish remembering "great reminiscence are allegories of human mankind troubled with himself".

GoodBye 2008 , A tearful year .