Saturday, March 17, 2012

Regret :(((((((

Every day i think of writing something here ,either related to General Management or something that touched me during the course of day.Something strange happens. Alas !!!! ,I never get time and the people who say this are the one who squander off time the most :) .Nonetheless moving on , I realized something called as sorrow is also an important factor in me to sit down and write .

Presently the place where i am doing my MBA is getting ready for convocation( mine will be next year) . I see parents accompanied by their lads showing them the mess , the hostels , the basketball court , the library , the classrooms etc .They are genuinely happy which is evident from their eyes but this happiness had something in pain for me .It reminded me of my days in Bhopal when my parents esp my mother wanted to come and see my college.i always would say later,later,later and that later never came .And it came today i felt ashamed at my insensitivity back then in not having given them the pride i saw in the eyes of these parents .

I also feel my life has got lot of regrets ........