Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Mom

As I stand by the corniche with my hands on the steel railings I gaze into the vast and deep, wilderness of the Arabian Sea. The cool wind blows over my face, making it numb and stoic. I am bewildered, perplexed to the core. Where did I go wrong? Then slowly some pictures seeming to be of my past float around, it looked to me like a collage neatly showing some of my life’s moments. Then I realize one thing was common, one face was un-dazzled in all of them, My Mom. She stood by me through thick and thin. I tried looking for someone else too but that face wasn’t clear, it seemed hidden but then she was all I wanted. Slowly, Stoic face became one of emotions; I was baptized by my own tears. My karma was clear and I return back to my abode.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Of lately, I have been giving a lot of thought into the above mentioned term. Am I ready, whether I have the patience and tenacity for one? Am I ready for the commitment and Sacrifice, to give Respect? Though I haven’t concluded on that thought. I started thinking why many relationships don’t work. Then I stumbled on to this, we try to center our lives on relationship rather than relationship around life.

Following would clear it .Why do we have to change our life, lifestyle for a relation.What happens when we do ?

When we do so we actually realize over the period that our life isn’t the same. The priorities have changed and each part of the life is moved around to fit the Jigsaw Puzzle. Starting from our job, to friends, families, hobbies, interests everything gets changed we try to align it on the fringe borders of relationship. Then one day we realize that our lives have become a mess and try to fix it back by calling of the relationship.

So before we jump into one we need to think why do I need to be in a Relation? Can I give it enough of space? Once you have the answers for this try to tailor your life with this relationship. It forms and blends into your life without moving the other parts of your Jigsaw Puzzle. Having a positive Impact on your thinking process and you slowly start respecting its presence and yes a relation is important to finish the Jigsaw.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hunting the Hunter??

Turning left and right, pulling the bed sheet over my head , increasing the A/C sleep still evades me. i guess some random thoughts racing down the alleys of my mind barging on and preventing sleep from taking over me .So lets try taking some of these random thoughts.

So let’s delve into what’s sleep. I believe sleep is a mild form of suicide --running away from what you are ,a way to get away from the daily chores of life , a moment for guilty to become innocent, hard worker to become lazy, dormant to become strategizer, a form of meditation.

There is so much farce in this world. People are not what they portray to be, they are preachers and not followers. How does one keep away from them? The answer is you don’t have to. Why? All we should do is take the best of what someone portrays, the best someone preaches.

One profession one needs to take? I would say JOKER. Stunned! Don’t be .I ain't stoned .Why Joker? ,a person at whom everyone pokes fun. It aint just that. Right? A joker teaches us how to laugh amidst difficulties, how to make people happy forgetting your pain and theirs . He makes us feel life is so easy giving us courage to take this life head-on eventhough his antics might be life threatening. So it doesn't hurt to be a joker once in a while. A little goodness for the mankind ;So let us pledge to be jokers once in a while :).