Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reference Point

Of lately , I was told by my Ethics Prof that when you don’t have any reference points in life it becomes a rudderless boat in the un chartered waters ,drifting from place to place without any aim .Though I am not one among those who takes advices because I feel there are far too many to implement but this one since it was told on to my face while I was standing in front of the class and probably because somehow I was looking upon my life and asking some questions like : What is my aim ?, What is that I stand for ?, What is that for which I am ready to die defending ? . And not much to my shear surprise I realized that I had none and maybe this was the reason I liked being a loner so that I don’t have to make any choices ,so that I am at peace with myself but then I don’t want to break like a glass at a later stage .

There begins the search of a reference point in my life ………..

Though I have read some Biographies, life accounts, endeavors .I was never passionate or maybe strong enough to say: Yes, this guy has some sold values I need to imbibe them and be like him .But time has come to make a stand in this world to live a life.

Mahatma Gandhi, I had read his (sorry would use bapu henceforth) “experiments of truth “and was riveted to the couch till I completed it .I was highly inspired by the stands he took never once I found him un-wavered in his belief of truth and to stand by it .I was highly inspired by him he showed that by making a stand “The sky wont fall upon you”(courtesy ethics Prof ) u only win to gain(morally) not to loose.

Life of Buddha, a life marked by celibacy, abstinence from the material world also inspired me a lot and to an extent of going to Bodh gaya and spend some time there.

Father, a great person in whom I saw a never Die attitude, riveted to Family through fulfillment of family (Extended) obligations, Workaholic.

Brother, a diligent hard worker who always excels in what he does.

This list will go on and on and then I realized everyone has something good or bad why not try to take the good out of all but then that would be a very exhaustive list and sometime u might get hazy on what to do and what not to do. So its better to have one main figure whom you will look upon as the beacon of ray of hope .Hmmmm , though I haven’t finalized on who will be my beacon but the quench to find one has begun ,the one that will be my REFERNCE POINT.

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