Friday, November 11, 2011

Shit happens !!!!!

Well it seems , the confusing part of me is what that makes me different from the rest .One thing that has remained constant in my life is lack of clarity i have in my mind for anything i do . Not that i am sad ,but i am not sure,whether its due to the feeling of fulfillment that is causing this in-clarity or whether its the lack of fights i am ready to put in .I have critics who argue for both. Hmmm , life can be divided in to work life , love life , social life .Fortunately or unfortunately all of that in my life is skewed and i am still least bothered as of date .Maybe that's because i don't compare and i don't have any reference on this or else maybe its the mystic aura which i want for myself or believing wrongly .Sometimes i feel enough is enough and one needs to end this life ,its shit boring .Rather than think over and fret over it, why not die and try to live another combination of life.I know i am blessed in this life immensely god has showered me with his blessings of "No Sorrow" till date. New dilemma of mine is hilarious .But i love my life this way someway or the other it helps my synaptic nerves on the prowl it keeps me active , it keeps me pumped in and i am dying to do anything for it ,its a kind of opium shot which i keep giving myself this is what that drives me , this is what i am .Phew !!!! Everything just evaporated .

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