Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 1 - Hrishikesh

I got up at 7.00 AM only to realize that i am running short of time .i spring to action and by 7.4 AM I am ready to hit the road I plan to take an auto to
Anand Vihar ISBT only to find to my astonishment that were no Auto .After waiting for 20 mins , I hop on to a sharing auto and somehow manage to reach ISBT by 8.45 AM.With a sense of urgency i try to en-quire about the buses to Hrishikesh to a road vendor who swiftly whisks me on to an agent and by the time I take stock of the situation ,I am inside a Non-AC bus waiting to leave to Haridwar.

This holds me up and take a view of the tentacles these bus agents have got in place to get the passegengers who otherwise might ply on a Gov Bus.

Motivation - Instant Gratification in form of cash.

After a harrowing wait of nearly 45 mins in the sweltering bus it starts trundling along the road , I pray to my stars that I should reach before evening .

The journey was good worth mentioning are the roads in UP till we entered the narrow once in U.K. Ohh !!! dont get shocked it stands for Uttranchal or Uttrakhand.

I catch a glimpse of IIT-R . After DE-boarding at Haridwar i wait for a local bus to Rishikesh , its 26 km (Approx) . I hop on to the first bus only to find it to be an aged four wheeled Monster driven by an unassuming bored , Uninitiated driver .But it seemed that the traffic could have been beaten by a crawling Toddler too.So it didnt make any difference .

It sulks through , yeah forgot to mention my wait for a cold climate remains unfulfilled till the time i got to know that RK had the highest temp in some 100 years.

Anyway i check in to the booked hotel at Muni-Ki-Reti belonging to GMVN , as usual the location is great away from the honking traffic and shimmering headlight .

Evening i make a visit to Ram-Julla over the Ganges, roam near the banks , through the shop and later back to my room .

After a sumptuous meal i retire to my room .Alarm kept for 5.30 AM the real journey starts tomorrow .

Very close friend of mine charged my cell today .

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