Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 2 - Rampur

Got up at 5.30, bathing, morning ablution ready by 6.15 .Got allocated the last seat in the 24 seater bus.Total 21 , seat allocation as per booking order.

Journey starts passes next to Ganga , Ram Julla , Laxman Julla .We started our ascent on the shivalink ranges .Holy and mighty ganges flows by the side .Driver is is reckless ,he feels he is on a dirt bike .U can guess my situation .On the right side by the river beach side we can seem many camps .These beach seems to be allotted to adventure sports company on a license basis .They are also numbered , i feel if you want to camp do it by the farthest it will be less crowded and pristine .

We reach Kaudiyala by 8.30 halt for 45 mins , journey resumes , ascend gradual but we scaled some height worth fearing .

We reach "Devaprayaga" means "Godly Confluence" in Sanskrit. As per Hindu Scriptures, Devaprayaga is the sacred event of merging two heavenly rivers, Alakananda and Bhagirathi, to form the holy Ganges < Wikipedia >.Beyond this point is where the Ganges takes Birth .

I take a snap from the bus not clear but still enough to remind me of the greatness.Bhagirthi is green and Alakananda is white .Former is calm , later is ferocious .A whole story is there after Bhagirtath which i will try to take once my travelogue is over .

We slowly start descending , Road are Narrow ,Two way traffic is substantial .I am perched on to my window seat with precariousness.

We reach a place called Srinagar . I take some pics : a dam getting constructed , a broken bridge , Bridges being constructed on Alakananda .The views are majestic all the while Alakanada flows by. We halt by a place called Rudraprayag .I immediately move for lunch, wrap it up in 15 mins and join the view behind of the confluence of Mandakani and Alakananda.

Local tales : - I get to know that they are sisters meeting . one is called gauri Ganga and kali Ganga .One is calm other is ferocious .Mandakani is calm , she orginated from Kedarnath where our journey is meant to be .

We start our journey one thing i have to mention is this area is prone to landslides .The roads have caved in and are narrow.I look at Mandakani her calmness ,Towns perched by he side .Mostly rooms to stay over .We start our next ascent this was very dangerous and nail biting :Gorge on one side and signs of frequent land slides making the ever narrow road tenuous.i chant the name of Lord Shiva .

I look at the nature and think we are nothing in front of her mightiness yet we delve in our arrogance - what a pity .I feel very elated with the very thought that i am at the place where Lord shiva meditated .The chanting becomes ever more powerful.

The roads are being made , i can see Earth movers from BEML,Tata by the side .Smuck being dumped to widen the roads - Lanco is doing the project. Tunnel being made .I get a feeling this place is to be trekked rather than driven through , we reach our night halt of Rampur , a valley surrounded by places .Tmrw we will move to Kedarnath via SonPrayag .

Lot of people in our group decide to go by helicopter , i decide by foot.

Talked to Mom,Father and friend.

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