Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 3 - Kedarnath

We started from rampur at 6.30 AM but due to the one way traffic at Sonprayag had to wait for an hour .This is the place where SonGanga meets Mandakani .I take the pics while waiting for the bus .We reach GauriKund near 9.00 AM , I start my ascent immediately , I see lot of ponies lined up at the foot of the mountain .I checked the rates there is a prepaid counter too.

My trek was smooth for the first four km , I stopped for water .I could see people going on ponies , palanquin ,etc . Helicopters passing by . Even kids, teenagers,Adults,Old People all seems to take the easier way of completing the Yatra.

I take pics of the scenery the path moves along Mandakani , flanked between two mountains .Scenery is Breathtaking with waterfalls here and there ,some frozen , some sprouting from the middle of the mountains . The mountains are all lush green . The view is augmented by the clamoring of the bell from the ponies and clamping of the hoofs they form a unique semblance .I take pics ,stopping at intervals looking back,side and all .Thanking my stars for having allowed me to take this journey .At one place i could see the frozen waterfall , i stop by to take a chunk into my hand .

The scaling continues , I get tired as the km to cover decreases .i find it hard to cover the last miles .4 Km from the temple looked like a serpentine track intervened between shops and railing , giving a semblance that the trekking has just begun .I see a group of people taking a less moved path it peps me up to take that and the experience turned to be one of the best .Few people not crowded , crisscrossing one waterfall after few minutes i turn back to soak in the magnificent view of standing between the two mountains on the course of the river Mandakani, I could see few goats rearing nearby and the serpentine track at a distance .I stood there for few minutes soaking in the natural beauty.

Two kms from the temple , it starts showering something is hitting me hard i realize its snowing .It has took me summer,winter,rainy,hail all the climates to reach Baba Kedarnath .I see a temple from a distance perched on top of another mountain i get to know its the Bhairavnath temple supposed to take care of the temple in nights and desolate times from the evil .

i checked in to the hotel room ,exhausted .i have my lunch and join rest of my group who have reached through helicopters , ponies etc .we reach and join the long queue by 4 and get the darshan by 7.30 .The temple can be looked as two half .one made by the Pandavas and other by Adi guru Sankaracharya.ShivLing in the form of a hump is by the pandavas .The idols of Pandavas,Lakshmi and Krishna by Sankaracharya .

The temple is set by the drop of some snow-capped mountains adding to its majestic grandeur.The Kedarnath (22,044 ft), Bharathkunth (22,844 ft) and Kharchkund (21,695 ft) peaks adorn them .

During Winters the temple closes and pushing all people down .The shops ,Ponies all come from nearby place of GHZ,Rampur, Augustmuni, Nepal.

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